Visiting a new church can be intimidating. We would like to make your first visit to FBC Strafford a pleasant experience and knowing what to expect can help with that!


We are located at 400 S Madison St, Strafford, MO 65757. Guest parking is designated on the north side of the buidling, and designated handicap parking is directly in front of the main church entrance.

Once inside:

You will be met at the door by one of our friendly greeters who will offer you a printed bulletin. This will provide you information about our church, its ministries, and upcoming events. Feel free to let the greeter know it is your first time with us. They will help direct you to a Sunday School classroom, our worship center, the restrooms, or the early childhood/children's hallway. Need additional assistance or more information? Visit the Information Desk in the lobby.

Sunday School:

Our Sunday School hour is from 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. We have classes from birth through senior adult, so there is a place for everyone in your family!

Our early childhood/children's classrooms are located in the hallway on the south side of the worship center. Please check your child in at the desk, and they will be directed to their classroom based on their age. If you have an infant or toddler, you will be asked to fill out an information sheet so that we are aware of any allergies or special needs. We would also like to have your contact information in case an issue arises while they are in our care.

Various adult small groups meet throughout the church. If you were invited by someone who already attends our church, feel free to visit a small group with them or you can ask one of our greeters to recommend a class for you.

Please pick your school-age children up from the children's hallway after the Sunday School hour. Childcare is available and staffed by church members during the worship service for babies through 3-year-olds. Children age 4 through 3rd grade will be dismissed to children's church during the fellowship time and can be picked up at the student ministry room on the south end of the building after the service.

What to wear, bring, do, etc.

Whether you wear a suit and tie, jeans, a dress, or casual clothing, you will not be alone. On stage, you will mainly see people in business casual attire. In the congregation, the range is wide, so please just wear what you feel comfortable in. We would encourage you to bring your Bible, as we will always be looking to Scripture for the truth. However, if you don't have a Bible (or simply forget to bring your own), we have Bibles in each pew for your use during the service. Many people also use an app on their phone or tablet, and the Scripture passages that the pastor is using will be displayed on the screen as well.

In between Sunday School and the worship service, we have a 15-minute break, but you're welcome to get up as needed during the service. For your convenience, the service will be displayed on the lobby TV, and the audio will be available through the restroom speakers as well. Our services typically follow a similar pattern of worship through music, a message from our pastor, an offering time (for church members to give their tithes and offerings--please feel no obligation to give!), announcements, and then dismissal.

We hope to see you soon!